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Award-winning innovator Adrian Chernoff is a prolific inventor and creative visionary who brings innovative products and services to life. His forward-thinking approach of blending insight, strategy, and imagination allows him to discern fine market distinctions and uniquely envision new transformational opportunities.

At Walt Disney Imagineering, he engineered and developed theme park rides; at the Johnson Space Center, he used robotics to upgrade NASA’s medical service offerings. Then at Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs, he provided important business and technology intelligence for their spin-off programs. Later, as part of the applied R&D team at General Motors, he married technology and design to create a new future for electrified transportation. He did so by overcoming traditional vehicle constraints to reinvent, electrify, and revolutionize the automobile.

As the Chief Architect behind GM’s Reinvention of the Automobile, he broke the automotive mold, ushering in a revolutionary vehicle platform and launch pad for vehicle innovation. His influential work not only changed the way vehicles are engineered, designed, and manufactured, but his groundbreaking ideas unlocked the door to clean transportation. In the process, he radically improved vehicle architectures and developed a new platform to surprise and delight consumers. While working at GM (during which time he averaged over a patent a month), Adrian’s innovations included streamlining manufacturing processes and creating programmable and software-upgradeable networked architectures, alternative driving controls, smart interior products, improved vehicle safety features, and modular and scalable electric vehicle architectures.

He is a highly creative and original thinker with a proven ability to synthesize information and use that information to find unexpected connections and synergies. Additionally, because of Adrian’s diverse abilities, insatiable curiosity, commercial acumen, and intuitive understanding of the marketplace, his work transcends disciplines and platforms—he is able to generate customer-centric propositions and lead front-end development programs for a wide range of product industries and service venues.

Currently, Adrian heads up Ideation Genesis™, an ideas-development consultancy that specializes in driving and monetizing market-ready innovations from consumer insights into future products for companies like Alcoa, Gucci, OppenheimerFunds, Kodak and Staples. 

"Adrian displays constancy of purpose to find uses for cutting-edge invention, and he has a peculiarly adept sense of the possible intersection of what people need and want with the advancements his inventions will enable."

Christopher Green MD Ph.D Exec. Director Emergent Technologies Research Division

& Former

Chief Technology Officer for General Motors


With 89 awarded patents, covering advanced technology, design and innovative business methods, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of New Mexico.


Disney / The Gucci Group / Disney / Siemens / Staples / Diageo / NASA OppenheimerFunds / Warners Music / Alcoa / General Motors / MIT Siemens / Fahrenheit 212 / Continuum / Magna International / Stile Bertone Sandia National Labs / Los Alamos National Laboratories / Applied Minds Domani / Opel / Holden / Eastman Kodak / Bank of America / Kraft


BIO: Adrian Chernoff

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

  1. R.Buckminster Fuller