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Distinguished Honors:

General Motors Chairman’s Honor Award

General Motors Master Inventor

Young Distinguished Engineer of the Year Award, University of New Mexico School of Engineering

General Motors Charles L. McCuen Special Achievement Award for Extraordinary Accomplishment

Staples Invention Quest Award Winner for Inventing Rubber Bandits

Philips Electronics Graduate Fellowship Award

Intel Corporation Graduate Fellowship Award

Two-Time Walt Disney Imagineering Ride Design Competition Award

NASA’s Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award, Johnson Space Center Service Award

NASA Achievement Award, Johnson Space Center

NASA Certificate of Appreciation, Johnson Space Center

Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America

Favorite World Places

Rotorua, New Zealand

Nice, France

Sydney, Australia

Paris, France

Santiago, Chile

San Francisco, USA

Santorini, Greece

Places Lived in the US

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Boulder, Colorado

Pasadena, California

Houston, Texas

Pomona, California

Royal Oak, Michigan

New York, New York

San Diego, California

Places Lived Abroad

Adelaide, Australia

Torino, Italy

Kanazawa, Japan

Mexico City, Mexico

Xela, Guatemala

Areas of Experience

Consumer Product Development

Green & Sustainable Product Design

Vehicle Design & Development

Ride Design & Development

Ideation, Innovation & Invention

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Systems and Design Thinking

Creative and Strategic Thinking

Project Management

Financial Management

Planning & Procurement

Market Research & Strategies

Branding & Communications

Technology Intelligence

Universities Attended

University of New Mexico, New Mexico

Cal Poly Pomona, California, 1992-1993

Flinders University, Australia, 1995

Professional Work History

Ideation Genesis: Innovation Consultancy, CO & NY

Eastman Kodak: Consumer Electronics, CA

Ecoleaf: Green Energy Insights, CO

2 Smart + 1: Product Design, CA, CO, & MI

Fahrenheit 212: Idea Development Consultancy, NY

Disney: Walt Disney Imagineering, Burbank, CA

NASA: Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Sandia National Laboratories: Albuquerque, NM

Los Alamos National Laboratories: Los Alamos, NM

General Motors: Warren, MI A Website Honoring Amazing Individuals

Rubber Bandits: Rubber Bands Labels Product

Managed Innovation Programs At:

Stile Bertone, Turin, Italy

Continuum, Boston, MA

Applied Minds, Burbank, CA

Fahrenheit 212, Manhattan, NY

University of New Mexico


Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, 1999

Masters of Business Administration, 1999

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1996


Fun and Interesting Life Facts about Adrian

Became a rock collector, at age 4, by collecting rocks from neighbors yards

In Kindergarten while building a structure with wood a nails a hammer hit the thumb

At age 6 saw Goofy bump into his Father at Disneyland making his father miss taking a photo of Adrian 

Second grade first book report was on Thomas Alva Edison holder of 1093 patents

Missed meeting Darth Vader at the Mall, but his Mom was able to get a signed poster instead

Sold 444 Boy Scout Jamboree Tickets as a Cub Scout, age 9, to loose to an entire boy scout troop by 1 ticket to win an Atari Computer

Conducted Solar Tests on Scale Homes for a School Science Fair Project

Performed as Mime at public events and Nursing Homes

Designed a Prosthetic Knee and won several awards for the High School Science Fair Project

First purchased car was a 1974 Orange with Black highlights, a Convertible Volkswagen Thing

Acted on Stage, Appeared in Commercials, and did Runway Work as a Teenager

First Salaried Job was a Camp Counselor at age 14 (held for 4 Summers)

First Purchased Pet was a white peach crested Moluccan Cockatoo at age 15

2nd Graduating class of La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Saved a cat during a fire from the Next Door Neighbor's Burning House

Chair and creator of a “Help the Homeless” Drive”  in fundraising and collecting clothes to receive a national Key Club award

Worked at University of New Mexico as a PC and Apple Computer Consultant for CIRT (1989-1991)

Attended the Philmont Scout Ranch with my Father and Brother for two weeks Riding Horseback

Participant in the National Student Exchange program to Cal Poly Pomona, California

1st year Winner of Imagineering Imaginations Competition

Member and Community Service Volunteer of the Cal Poly Pomona Circle K International Community Service Organization

Designed the Suspended Solar Car Quick Release Seat for the Cal Poly Pomona Solar Car, Intrepid

Sent to Japan as part of the EAGLE Japan Program to study culture, language, and industry

Studied at KIT, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, in Japan

Participant in the International Student Exchange to Flinders University, Australia

Volunteer Cook for Meals On Wheels in Adelaide, Australia

Studied Spanish in several intensive language courses including Mexico City and Guatemala

Volunteered as a Student Ambassador, known as a Trailblazer, at the University of New Mexico

Completely restored from the ground up a 1955 Chevy Pickup to Original Condition with my Father

1st Graduate Student to earn a Double Masters in Engineering and Business at the University of New Mexico

Featured on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather regarding the General Motors AUTOnomy

1st year Winner of Staples Invention Quest Competition, with the creation Rubber Bandits

Had the unique opportunity to sit with Cameron Diaz and Dennis Hopper to present and explain the Hy-WIre Concept Vehicle

Featured on the Travel Channel with Father and Son restoration of a classic 1955 Chevy Pickup to original condition

Innovation Consultant from Ideation Genesis to Fahrenheit 212 in New York as a Creative Director / Innovation Director (Business Week Article) & Mentioned in Esquire magazine’s Genius Issue in an article called The Rescuers, by James Otmer

Total Vehicle Architect Advisor for MIT’s Vehicle Design Summit on the Vision 100 and the VDS Vision XP with 40 International Universities and over 400 Students Participants (2007 & 2008)

MIT Lead Design Advisor on the ArchiMITes Vehicle for the Vehicle X-Prize Competition (2009 & 2010)

Guest lecturer at MIT, Michigan State University, and the Center of Creative Studies

Guest Lecturer at GroepT University in Leuven, Belgium and Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Featured in U.S. Dept of State Article: Hyperefficient, Supersafe Car Envisioned by International Group, by By Andrzej Zwaniecki

Celebrity Judge for the Colorado Inventors Showcase, Davinci Institute (2007 thru 2011)

Volunteer Photographer at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk Against Breast Cancer in Central Park, New York (2007 & 2008) (photographs featured in ACS press materials, websites, videos, presentations, mailings, and collateral materials.

American Cancer Society Volunteer at the 2010 Spring Gala Fundraiser, St. Regis, NY, NY

Member of the Board of Directors, University of New Mexico Alumni Association (2009 thru 2012)

Attendee of International Design Conferences in Aspen, Colorado (1992, 1996, 2001)

Attendee of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conferences (2002, 2003)

Attendee of the Business Innovation Factory Conferences, in Providence, Rhode Island. (2006, 2007, 2008)

TED Conference
BIF Conference
BIF-4 Conference

Family Facts:

Father, Captain Al Chernoff, worked for the DOE and is a Retired US Naval Captain who served on the USS Enterprise. He is currently a consultant.

Mother, Dr. Marilyn Chernoff, a Gifted Teacher for 18 years of 27 years of Teaching, and is currently a Dr. of Medical Intuitive Healing.

Brother, Seth Chernoff, is the CEO of Streamline Interactive,

Family was good friends with the World Famous Native American Potter, Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso

Grandmother, Marguerite Chernoff and her parents knew Pancho Villa and had dinner on several occasions at Mr. and Mrs. Villa’s Home

Grandmother, Marguerite Chernoff, knew and corresponded with the world re-known painter Diego Rivera

Grandfather, Sam Chernoff was a competitive chess player

Great Grandfather (Joseph Leon Chernomorsky) is buried in a Cemetery in Mexico City, Mexico

Wrights Indian Art

Grandparents Sam and Marguerite Chernoff Business legacy is Wright’s, and is Albuquerque’s Oldest Trading Post since 1907

Article: Wright’s Indian Art, started in 1907, celebrates it’s 100th year of business in 2007

Grandparents (Milton and Dorothy Appelbaum) Business was the Arcadia Bookshop and was one of the famous Antiquarian Book Shops in New York

Excerpts from the book, Book Row, by Mondin and Meador about Miton and Dorothy Applebaum


Interesting Facts: About Adrian Chernoff