Innovation Executive

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Innovation-Driven Leadership: Providing executive-level strategic direction and leadership for product innovation and development. Ensuring cost-effective and on-time delivery of projects, communicating regularly to ensure products flow smoothly throughout the organization, and optimizing development among core teams and product development functions.

Entrepreneurially Driven: Experienced corporate entrepreneur in creating and defining new products, processes, and businesses in large organizations while navigating corporate structures in the face of changing internal and external dynamics.

  1. Profile: a roll-up-the-sleeves personality, a team player who develops relationships and generates results

  2. Bandwidth: wide band and breadth of experience: in-depth understanding, multi-disciplinary skills, collaborative nature

  3. Insight: can see potential opportunities and offer fresh perspectives and focused strategies

  4. Spirit: creative and strategically balanced – enjoys making something out of nothing

  5. Navigation: experience with political systems, legal counsel, patents, PR, marketing, communications, and branding

Multi-Dimensional Professional: Experienced manager when it comes to building and managing teams, leveraging local and global multi-disciplinary groups, and aligning and building momentum in support of projects and programs.

  1. Baseline: develop relationships, evaluate technologies, provide feedback, empower individuals, and align organizations for growth

  2. Spotting: can spot the nuggets, see potential possibilities, short-term/long-term project strategies, technology plans, and product development platforms

  3. Foresight: able to identify maturing commercial technologies and can pick-and-place off the shelf while still leveraging existing capabilities and technology investments

  4. Uplift: understand what designers and researchers are excited about: encourage, embrace, assist, collaborate, and advise

  5. Build: analyze, identify, process, and bring business and program opportunities to life

Driver of Front-End Innovation: Visionary team leader in spearheading products from incubation to realization. Skilled at project management and mentoring and guiding team members to adapt and invent new applications, products, and services. Driver of innovation opportunities, influencer of new product development activities, and facilitator in the launching of new products into the marketplace.

Facilitating Product Actualization: Manager of innovation processes for providing strategic growth and steering disruptive innovations towards becoming emotionally-compelling products. Provider of technical leadership and guidance for design and technical teams in meeting and exceeding milestones. Oversee multiple projects from conception to implementation while simultaneously facilitating collaborative efforts and embracing design, technology, and manufacturing. Oversee development and management of project plans, resources, and budgets.

Elevating the Value of Ideas: Leading advocate in utilizing the power of design and marketing to improve and uncover the inherent value of ideas. Make ideas real, give them meaning, and create their marketplace “reason to believe.” Elevate ideas through these activities and frame them to communicate and therefore better sell (both internally and externally), thus increasing the likelihood of their acceptance and reduction into practice. Give ideas necessary tools to survive the grueling idea selection process and also the framework(s) needed to survive the product development process.

Managing Outside-In Innovation: Manager in fostering innovation on the outside to support inside initiatives. Developer of productive and ongoing relationships optimized to further strategic goals and accelerate development activities so that the product can be the first of its kind to market. Reduce lead times in the creation and product development processes.

Facilitator of Cultural Change: Champion of innovation cultures. Corporate citizen accelerating the cultural shift of organizations through leading by example. Designer of creative cultures and facilitator of activities focused on harnessing innovation and creating a sense of urgency (momentum) while delivering results.

Strategy Architect: Developer and architect of integrated strategies that include analyzing contingency plans, accelerated growth opportunities, and the dimensional dynamics of a changing marketplace. Leader of strategy development and catalyst of insights utilized to generate ways of differentiating, developing technology plans, and identifying platforms of growth. Researcher, analyst, and identifier of strategic opportunities.

Generating Internal Momentum: Successful communicator in engaging and cooperating with corporate stakeholders and executive management teams inside organizations to gain traction, align players, and to enable the growth of ideas, projects, and programs across multi-organizational disciplines and the political landscape.

Engagement Leadership: Powerful communicator in bringing together divergent and segmented disciplines. Able to converse and gain momentum with people across a wide array of disciplines, including designers, marketers, lawyers, financial analysts, executives, manufacturers, researchers, technologists, scientists, engineers, and a diverse range of consumers.

15 Years of Experience as a proven innovator and leader in the many phases of idea and product development: ideation, problem solving, design, research, invention, program management, interdisciplinary communications, intellectual property, product engineering, product development, R&D, marketing, branding, graphic design, packaging design, sales, public outreach, and product launch.

  1. 1.Product manager and team player in the creation of unique ideas and visionary products

  2. 2.Successfully leveraged and adopted low-hanging fruit within the organization and the supplier base to impact near-term production runs and create viable alternatives

  3. 3.Successfully pushed ideas, products, and services through the innovation process and pipeline from no-tech to high-tech commercialization, service, and product exploration within both small and large organizations

  4. 4.Multitalented with an adaptive ability to work in many diverse industries

  5. Food and Beverages

  6. Energy and Utilities

  7. Consumer Electronics

  8. Office Products and Retail

  9. Aerospace and Robotics

  10. Luxury Goods and Services

  11. Home and Beauty Products

  12. Automotive Products and Services

  13. E-Commerce and Web Development

  14. Indoor and Outdoor Garden Products

  15. Modular Manufacturing and Construction

  16. Financial Services and Banking Products

  17. Entertainment, Technology, and Music Products

Inventor Extraordinaire: Authored and reviewed over 100 patent applications; 74 have been awarded in the US and 10 have been awarded internationally. Patents span many different fields of technology, business processes, and consumer products.

  1. Consumer Products, Software-Enabled Devices

  2. Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Plug-in-Hybrids, Fuel Cells, and Electric Vehicles

  3. Metal Forming, Intelligent Interiors, Vehicle Customization

  4. By-Wire Vehicle Controls, Advanced Vehicle Architectures

  5. Wheel Motors, Electronics, Software Configurability, Smart Materials

  6. Products, Business Methods, Retail Channels, and Manufacturing Processes

Manager of Innovative Suppliers: Leading and supporting product development activities, including working with and managing suppliers of innovation and technology. Strong program and product development experience in leading domestic and international teams and projects while managing technology partnerships, design suppliers, and technology integrators.

  1. Continuum, Boston, MA (Product Development and Service Design)

  2. Applied Minds, Burbank, CA (Research and Development)

  3. Fahrenheit 212, Manhattan, NY (Idea-Led Innovation, Branding, Marketing)

  4. 2 Smart + 1 (Product Design and Product Development)

Assisted technology firms and new start-ups in identifying technologies and products for commercialization in addition to translating and delivering distinctive business characteristics geared towards success.

  1. Entrepreneurial, passionate, and experienced in identifying opportunities, developing technologies, and implementing ideas, products, and/or services

  2. Engineered, tested, and validated technologies and new product offerings

  3. Management of resources, budgets, and timing as well as the ability to meet targeted program objectives

  4. Execution of design, development, and product delivery

Clean Tech Ecovator: Extensive experience in alternative energy sectors, including renewable energy, green buildings, and clean transportation.

  1. Electric Vehicles: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Hydrogen, Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids

  2. Green Roofs: Thermal Insulation, Novel Assembly, Longevity, Recycling, Conservation

  3. Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Ocean, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydroelectric

  4. Other Energy: Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Petroleum

Sampling of Leadership Awards: Recipient of leadership, technical, and innovation awards.

  1. General Motors Chairman’s Honor Award for significant contributions to the corporation

  2. Master Inventor, General Motors

  3. Distinguished Engineer of the Year Award, University of New Mexico School of Engineering

  4. Charles L. McCuen Special Achievement Award for Extraordinary Technological Accomplishment, General Motors

  5. Staples Invention Quest Award Winner for a Consumer Product Invention

Sampling of Project Awards: received from managed programs and contributions

  1. MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN - Most Significant Technology and Design Enabler

  2. POPULAR SCIENCE - 15th Annual Best of What’s New Award “Breakthrough automotive technology of the year“

  3. ID MAGAZINE - Best concept Car of the Year

  4. DETROIT FREE PRESS - Most Significant Technology

  5. ENGINE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL: Engine of the Year EYES ON DESIGN - Most Significant New Design Enabler

  6. AUTOMOTIVE NEWS - Concept Car of the Year, 2nd Place

  7. AUTOMOTIVE NEWS - Environmental Concept Car of the Year

  8. WIRED MAGAZINE - Rave Award for Industrial Design

  9. TIME MAGAZINE - Coolest Invention

  10. CAR STYLING MAGAZINE - Concept Car Design Award: The Golden Marker Trophy

  11. ENGINE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL - International Engine of the Year Award


Executive Innovation Leadership: Adrian Chernoff