Idea-Driven Innovation

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Adrian Chernoff is a driving force in the creation and commercialization of market-ready ideas. He follows a customer-focused, time-proven process that’s grounded in customer benefits, design fit, tangible results, and commercial insights. Adrian’s idea-led process covers many aspects of innovation, from generating unique ideas to creating a strategic vision to positioning and developing innovative ideas for the marketplace.

To understand what Adrian does, first you have to ask yourself, what comes first—the idea or the solution? The answer is the idea…but it is the solution that we have to keep foremost in our minds, because the solution is what makes an impression and solves an unmet need in the marketplace. To achieve success (i.e., successful solutions), ideas must evolve, grow, and develop beyond the inspiration that gave them life. In other words, although ideas may be born from insights and inventive sparks, to make them applicable to and tangible in the real world, they need to be developed into solutions that offer clear consumer benefits and features. From concept to consumer, the entire process has to be considered; Adrian’s ability to create ideas and make them real through idea-to-market processes is exactly why corporations and organizations seek out his expertise.

Ideas are what initially fuel change. Ideas are the enablers of progress—they offer potential solutions to solving problems. True success is not achieved in the creation of the idea, but in the down-selection (refining) and development of ideas. Not only does an excellent innovator lead teams, he or she can generate many ideas and then select the ones that are the most promising in terms of what is doable, practical, and attractive to the consumer. That’s how ideas are finessed, calibrated, and finally tailored to meet the needs and desires of the marketplace. It’s how breakthrough ideas become reality: through insights and actions, and by taking into account factors such as defined benefits, market positioning, branding, systems thinking, business modeling, technology integration, design thinking, and sensory form and function.

The following idea gallery showcases some of the projects that Adrian has worked on. His areas of expertise cover a wide range of industries, consumer markets, and consumer benefits.

Green Roof Systems

Aerogrow Design

Design Branded Products


Clean Tech Insights


“Senses” Theme Park Ride


Staples Rubber Bandits

Rubber Band Products


Digital Book Readers

Waterfall Picture Frame

Photo Frame Water Features

By-Wire Steering Wheel

Driving By-Wire


Aerogrow Product Design

Growth Gardens


Electric Vehicle Platforms


“BioCell” Theme Park Ride

Inspiring Individuals Website


NASA Robotic Surgery

Medical Robots in Space

Underwater Transporter

Underwater Transporters

Office Supply Bins

Office Accessories

Modular Shed Design

Pop-Up Garden Sheds


Sensual Jewelry

Exfoliating Product Designs

Handheld Consumables

Reinventing the Automobile

Green Vehicle Futures


Science Fiction Writing



Idea Coach, Idea Guru, Idea Genius, Idea Mastermind, Idea Chef, Idea Producer

Idea CEO, Idea Pathfinder, Idea Star, Idea Principal, Idea Chief, Idea Director

Idea Generator, Idea Pro, Idea Man, Idea Artist, Idea Smith, Idea Painter

Chief Creative Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Innovation Coach

Create. Innovate. Build. Strategize.

Envision. Synthesize. Act. Connect.

Lead. Deploy. Complete. Champion.

“Adrian possesses a most unusual ability to intersect technology options with the art of the possible.”

Christopher Green, M.D., Ph.D., CTO at General Motors


“Adrian is a brilliant designer”

Gianfranco Zaccai, Chairman and President at Continuum


“Adrian is an extraordinary engineer with true insight and vision.”

Rick Salpeter, Principal and Owner at Tecknowledgey Inc.


Idea-Driven Innovator: Ideas to Reality

“Adrian possesses a level of inventiveness that is off the charts.”

Ralph King, Senior Writer at Business 2.0 and the The Wall Street Journal

“Adrian is an asset to any organization.”

Alan Nicol, Design Manager at GM

“Adrian not only has great ideas, he is anchored into commercial reality.”

de Guise Vaillancourt, VP Marketing,  Garage and Dynamite Stores