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“Adrian possesses a most unusual ability to intersect technology options with the art of the possible in science. He holds 75 patents and numerous awards, has received many awards for leading complex design-engineering embodiments, and in the past several years has pressed toward implementation of consumer properties and products that are technically elegant. He displays constancy of purpose to find ‘uses’ for cutting-edge invention, and has a peculiarly adept sense of the possible intersection of what people need, what people want, and the advancements his inventions will enable. From internal combustion engines, physical chemistry, material properties, and design off-ramps to new directions, Adrian is the most impressive innovator in my experience.”

Christopher Green, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at General Motors

“Adrian has a unique combination of creativity and business smarts. He not only has great ideas, he is anchored in commercial reality. He is great to work with and inspires all who work with him to do better. I highly recommend Adrian.”

de Guise Vaillancourt, VP Marketing & Visual Merchandising at Garage & Dynamite Stores

  1. “I had the pleasure of working with one of the most interesting people I had ever met. We had worked in innovations together at Fahrenheit 212, and no matter what kind of physics or engineering problem we would come up with as creatives, Adrian would bring it to life or have a plan for how to do so. Amazing ideas, amazing person, and a pleasure to work with if you get the chance. Complete forward thinking.”

  2. Nedjelco-Michel Karlovich, Art Director / Senior Designer at Nike

“I believe that Adrian possesses a level of inventiveness that is off the charts. A torrent of dazzling ideas pour forth from his fertile mind at virtually every hour of the day. I have truly never met anyone [else] who demonstrates such a strong innate drive to create.”

Ralph King, Senior Writer at Business 2.0 and Staff Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

  1. "Adrian is the most creative person I know. He is able to quickly gain an understanding of a new industry and then use that knowledge to innovate within that industry."

  2. Kevin Kolpasky, Senior Staff Engineer, Research & Development at General Motors

“Adrian is the most creative, innovative person that I have worked with, not only in automotive design, but product design collective. Adrian's self-motivation makes him an asset to any organization that needs to work efficiently and effectively to get new innovations quickly deployed into the market.”

Kristin Zimmerman, Ph.D., Manager, Environment and Energy Policy + Volt Infrastructure Team, Research & Development, at General Motors

  1. “Adrian provided exceptional creativity and innovation within tight time constraints and demanding team collaboration requirements. He quickly grasped market opportunities and developed multiple product designs to achieve our overall objectives. Moreover, he was a pleasure to work with in a demanding project setting.”

  2. William Sarni, Author and CEO at DOMANI

“Adrian is a brilliant designer”

Gianfranco Zaccai, Chairman, President and Chief Design Officer at Continuum

  1. “Adrian is an extraordinary engineer with true insight and vision. His approach to design pushes the boundaries of technology to achieve challenging goals with simplicity and elegance.”

  2. Rick Salpeter, Principal and Owner at Tecknowledgey Inc.

“Adrian is a talented, energetic thinker and very capable of turning ideas into action. With his approachable, kind-hearted demeanor and bright intelligence, Adrian would be a great addition to almost any team.”

Melissa Withers, Executive Director at the Business Innovation Factory

  1. “Adrian is a tremendously creative person who also has a great deal of auto industry knowledge...a great combination!”

  2. Tom Kowaleski, Vice President of Corporate Communications at General Motors, and recently BMW

“I represented Adrian as a patent attorney when he was at General Motors Corp. Adrian is a prolific inventor. He is extremely creative and generates a steady stream of ideas. He generally had dozens of inventions at a time in the pipeline. My firm worked with him extensively, and his non-stop inventing kept us very busy. He has a good understanding of patent law and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Quinn, Patent Attorney and Principal at Quinn Law Group PLLC

  1. “Adrian is a talented creative thinker who was a driving force behind some of the most forward-thinking projects I have ever worked on as a designer.”

  2. Jason Tilk, Creative Designer at General Motors

“Adrian is an asset to any organization. He possesses a strong inquisitive and creative mind. His ability to create and take ideas and turn them to reality—coupled with his strong leadership, communication, and team-building skills—are some of his strongest characteristics. His vision, direction, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines on the GM AUTOnomy and GM Hy-Wire are a testament to his abilities and the success of these revolutionary vehicles.”

Alan Nicol, Design Manager at General Motors

  1. “Adrian’s genius enabled General Motors to change the perception of the automobile. He is a positive catalyst for change, and his ability is at the core of creating technology innovation [that’s] intertwined with corporate and consumer wins.”

  2. Mark T. Hogan, Group Vice President, Advanced Vehicle Development at General Motors

“Adrian is one of the best innovation evangelists I have ever come across. During my time working closely with him, he demonstrated a proven ability to combine his acute sense for product design with his engineering background and marketing skill allowing him to be a true innovation leader in the organization. In addition, he is highly collaborative, a strategic thinker and is excellent to work with.”

Magnus Felke, Director of Marketing, Qualcomm and Former Marketing Director, Eastman Kodak

  1. "I had the pleasure of working with Adrian while at Eastman Kodak in San Diego. Adrian's enthusiasm, ability to collaborate with multi-functional teams, and tremendous business sense set him apart from many of the strong marketing professionals I have worked with in the past. To add, his energy and marketing vision was key in the launch of several of our new products. I highly endorse Adrian and am confident he would be a valuable addition to any marketing team."

  2. Michael Vandling, Director of Finance, Eastman Kodak

“Adrian brought a new perspective to product innovation at Kodak. He was able to translate consumer insights, from my team, into product requirements and features for our next generation of products. In a short time he was able to significantly improve user experience through innovations in design, packaging, software and mobile connectivity. He brings strong technical and marketing skills, and knows how to navigate large and complex organizations to get things done. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Adrian, and would look forward to the opportunity to work with him again!"

Lisa Burgett, Senior Program Manager, Amazon and former Customer Experience Manager at Eastman Kodak