Reinventing Vehicle Interiors

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The Future of Vehicle Interiors (Inventions by Adrian Chernoff)

When looking at the future of transportation, it appears there is a lot of room for innovation in creating new automotive interiors with new components, systems, and technologies to improve the user experience within the inside of the vehicle.

The interior is where people live, converse, and drive. From this highly interactive space, there are advancements that can be made to increase functionality, spaciousness, safety, design, and comfort. In terms of reinventing interiors, here are several of Adrian’s many inventions (for which a handful of patents were applied and awarded). The following covers improvements such as vehicle entertainment, adaptive foot pedals, easy-to-access door systems, adaptive seating, novel and reconfigurable storage solutions, headrests, informative driving controls, storage solutions, heating and cooling.

7,213,673    Reconfigurable By-Wire Foot Pedals

  1. A vehicle chassis having substantially all of the mechanical, electrical and structural componentry necessary for a fully functional vehicle, including at least energy conversion system, a steering system and a braking system. The chassis is configured for releasable engagement with a variety of different types or styles of vehicle bodies. Various prior art mechanical control linkages between a driver and controlled systems are replaced with non-mechanical control signal transmission components. Fuel cell technology is also implemented. A system for adjustable, reconfigurable foot pedals is also shown for generating driver input to the by-wire braking systems and energy conversion systems and for providing control and comfort for the driver and/or a passenger.

7,159,931    Automotive Roof Rack and Accessories

  1. An integrally designed roof rack and roof panel attached to a vehicle may be formed using quick plastic forming (QPF) and superplastic forming processing (SPF). A number of vehicle accessories such as luggage containers, fuel tanks, consoles, door attachments, truck beds and table trays may be formed using QPF processes. The items may be installed and movable onto and off the vehicle. A variety of QPF processes may be employed, enabling the vehicle accessory to meet required strength, dimensional, and shape considerations. Additionally, component integration is enabled by using QPF processes.

7,401,838    Reconfigurable Sun Visor

  1. A vehicle sun visor comprises a support frame pivotally connected to the vehicle roof. A sun visor panel is chosen from any array of different available sun visor panels having different occupant convenience features. An attachment is provided for removably attaching the chosen sun visor panel onto the support frame and enables subsequent removal of that chosen sun visor panel from the support and then the attachment to the support frame of a different chosen sun visor panel having different convenience feature content.

7,096,986    Mobile Chassis and Interchangeable Vehicle Body with Ram Air System

  1. An improved body configuration for a vehicle having an aerodynamic configuration and defining a pair of longitudinally extending air flow channels at the opposite sides of the body and inwardly of the outer periphery of the fenders for achieving good air flow. A front bridging member is formed that defines a grille having a pair of air scoops which form an aerodynamic device for assisting in the air flow. The engine compartment is defined by a rearwardly opening extractor section for drawing air from the engine compartment and a forwardly extending exhaust system receives the exhaust gases from the engine and discharges them to the atmosphere. A belly pan provides smooth air flow through the area beneath the vehicle and includes air scoops for receiving and discharging cooling air.

7,513,007    Vehicle Storage Console

  1. A storage console for a vehicle includes a vacuum cleaner. In an exemplary embodiment, the console includes an interface at which the vacuum cleaner is releasably affixed to the console. The console may include a hose operatively connected to the vacuum cleaner whereby suction from the vacuum cleaner is transferred through the hose. The interface may include electrical contacts for recharging a battery in the vacuum cleaner.

6,857,498    Console with Driver's Interface

  1. A drive-by-wire control console for a vehicle has a transversely movable control module on a transversely movable, elongated beam which is supported on a longitudinally movable support column which supports the elongated beam. The control module includes steering devices and display screens for vital vehicle information.

7,448,678    Active Material Actuated Headrest Assemblies

  1. A headrest assembly including active material drivenly coupled to a headrest component, such as for example, an interior frame member, bag, or gear device ,wherein the material is actuated upon receipt of an activation signal, and configured to morph, reposition, reduce the resistance of, change a modulus property of, or otherwise modify an engaging surface defined by the headrest when actuated, and autonomously restore the headrest upon the deactivation of the material.

7,494,170    Vehicle Instrument Panel having Movable Storage Compartment

  1. An instrument panel for a vehicle defines a cavity. A storage console is selectively movable within the cavity to provide enhanced accessibility of stored items within the storage console. In an exemplary embodiment, the storage console is a drawer that is selectively movable from a stowed position inside the cavity to an extended position outside the cavity for access by a vehicle user in a passenger compartment. In another exemplary embodiment, the console is movable between an elevated position in which the console occupies space inaccessible to a vehicle user, and a lowered position in which the console is accessible through an opening in the instrument panel.


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