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This Atlas is an access way to many doorways in the dialogues of knowledge. Without a reference for further knowledge we may stagnate, but with a portal to more we have the ability to further grow and learn.

Ideas are the kernels that change the world. Ideas may begin with individuals and yet for them to succeed they need a life dependent on others. Just as the world is composed of co-dependences and interconnectedness we may at times feel like we are standing alone, but in actuality we are woven together in a timeless web.

Here are some kernels from the spider web of knowledge in the fields of creativity, invention, and ideas.


Analogy as a Communications Tool
ANALOGY AS A TOOL FOR COMMUNICATING ABOUT INNOVATION, International Journal of Innovation & Technology Management, Vol. 3, No. 1 (3/2006). by Cynthia Sifonis, Adrian Chernoff, & Kevin Kolpasky

ABSTRACT: Many techniques have been developed to enhance innovative thinking within a company. However, many innovations never make it through the development process due to the difficulty inherent in communicating new ideas to others. This article discusses the obstacles to innovation that occur during the development process and how these obstacles can be overcome through the use of analogy. Described is an empirically derived seven-step process for constructing suitable analogies for communicating about innovations. The use of the seven-step processes to develop an analogy to communicate about an automotive "step-rim" innovation developed by General Motors and the lessons learned during the development of the analogy are also discussed.

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